Wi-Blu is a distinctive smart box that connects to a regular plug point for connection is capable of providing Wi-Fi access to surrounding devices. On successfully connecting the Wi-Fi, the user will be able to view a predefined set of products or a predefined web page with content as desired by a brand.

This activity will be carried out locally using the device’s Wi-Fi providing capabilities and the information displayed on the devices that are connected will be pulled and extracted from a dedicated Content Management System at the back-end. Wi-Blu is a customized product similar to Prisma’s well proven and robust MediBox. Wi-Blu can be connected at outlets, exhibitions or other establishments to provide a Wi-Fi connection and when a user connects his personal device to Wi-Blu as a source of Wi-Fi or when the TV is connected to the same, a webpage (with content as decided by the brand) will be triggered.
Analytics and reports will be provided as an additional tool. Information such as number of pages browsed, page on which most time is spent on, products most browsed and other specific reports can be retrieved.