Introducing Gryphos

Gryphos is an Image Search algorithm conceived and developed by Prisma. A complete Visual Recognition platform that enables us to build solutions that work seamlessly by matching images and delivering precise results in real time.
Gryphos, as a cloud recognition platform, delivers unmatched visual recognition results in real time making the technology applicable across all industry types. Taking Visual Recognition to the next level, the platform delivers stunning Augmented Reality results as part of its extended product category.
This is a mobile, certificate-secured application suite which transmits images to associated reference databases for purposes of data comparison. The technology is based on server-side recognition of segment patterns in a multitude of characteristic vectors and is highly error-tolerant with respect to interference factors in image acquisition such as low resolution, blurring and reflected light.
Revolutionize your mobile app and the way the world interacts with your brand by integrating our Visual Recognition API. Gryphos will power your mobile app with an intelligent Visual Recognition platform to understand and analyze visuals (Images, objects, video content). Gryphos as an API will be integrated with your app seamlessly and will be hosted at our end and made available on a software-as-a-service model (SaaS), making the technology scalable and flexible across all industry verticals.


Results in Seconds

After an image is taken, Gryphos exchanges information with CloudSight and provides you with accurate relevant results within seconds.

Cloud based recognition

Empowers developers to understand the content of an image by summarizing powerful machine learning models in an easy to use API.

Business Intelligence

Maximize decision impact to increase enterprise effectiveness at all levels.

Mobile Solutions

We provide our service in many different countries and continue to do so in tune to today's urban mobility needs

Image Search Solutions

An image is worth a thousand words, let your users search using the image itself.

Video Search Solutions

Searches can be made through audiovisual indexing, which can derive information from audiovisual material and document it as metadata, tracked by search engines.