Visual Recognition

Visual Recognition and Augmented Reality have re-defined the manner in which we interact with our physical world. With this astoundingly brilliant technology, the phone camera has now evolved to deliver a value that was previously unthought-of. Simply snap to know more about the image, no typing is required.

Visual Recognition allows users to understand, comprehend and analyze the contents of an image or video frame or an object thus answering important questions in relation to the image, the video frame or the object i.e. ‘What?’, ‘Where?’, ‘When?’, and ‘How?’ Simply snap an image and submit it, our visual Recognition algorithm - Gryphos (a visual search platform), offers an unblemished experience to users by delivering precise results in real time.

Visual Recognition for your Business

Business owners can turn visual data into an advantageous resource, thereby unlocking greater efficiency leading to a shorter, simplified sales cycle and superior customer service. Visual recognition technology enables your customers to know what they want and what they’re getting. This convenience of knowledge translation will lead to your customers using the technology from gaining information on the product/service to finally purchasing or acquiring it, and all this in a single click!

In this fast-paced digital world, customers expect to have a shopping experience that is seamless and simple. When your customer snaps an image of the item he/she needs or wishes to purchase or simply to find out more about the article or service, our Visual Recognition technology gives you the power to turn those inquiries into profits, as well as reduce the errors involved in the purchasing process. From buying that beautiful time-piece that your friend was wearing at the party to choosing the precise paint color you saw at the local home decorator’s store to locating that broken part for your motorcycle to movie tickets that you want to book while watching the trailer. Our robust Visual Recognition platform will provide you with accurate and precise results in a matter of seconds.