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Wassdiss is a visual search engine app on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile platforms. The app is aimed to transform your phone camera into a source of triggering information and knowledge. Our aim is to showcase the power of the phone camera and reduce or eliminate text/type search

An app that aims to capture a ‘moment of relevance’ and convert the same into a transaction or a productive action for the user. Simply click an image of what you see to get what you want. Harness the power of your phone camera: see more, and do more with Wassdiss.

Understand the world around you by simply clicking an image of what you see. Powered by our visual search and visual recognition technology, the app will provide precise and accurate results in real time. No typing is required, simply snap and get instant gratification. Our visual recognition platform enables users to get precise information in a matter of seconds! You can even share your results with friends and family via the app.