Prisma's Wireless and Contactless Solution

Face Recognition Technology

Technology capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source.
No need to physically contact a device for authentication- compared to other contact-based biometric authentication techniques such as fingerprint scanners, which may not work properly if there is dirt on a person’s hand.
Improved level of security.
Requires less processing compared to other biometric authentication techniques.
Easy to integrate with existing security features.
Accuracy of readings has improved over time

Thermal Temperature Detector Technology

Thermal Temperature Detector helps us to detect the person with high temperature , with which we can monitor people and prevent Covid-19.
There is a Alarm Setting Function in case of High Fever Detection, alarm can be light based or trigger SMS or can call up security number.
It also maintains the record of the suspects having the abnormal temperature.
The most important and beneficial detector in quarantine stations such as hospitals, airports, crowded places etc.

Prisma’s MED-I-BOX

Med-i-box is Simultaneous Connectivity to Multiple Parameters , with which doctor can assist you at your convenient place.
One of the best ways of maintaining social distancing for the Doctors and Patients.
Keep track of the patients medical status.
Can check body temperature , blood pressure , weight and many more.
Doctors can track the patient’s details and can guide them with proper steps.

Smart medical kiosk for Hospitals

Kiosk becomes more powerful when it gets cognate with prisma’s solution like face recognition, thermal temperature detection, Object detection, etc.
The smart medical kiosk assists the patients by monitoring, screening and guiding them.
It gives a fast physical examination about the patient.
And also helps to guide patients about the preventive measures, in the current pandemic situation of Covid-19, it is necessary to follow these preventive measures and contactless solutions.

Smart front desk for Corporates

Prisma is glad to implement Smart Front Desk to assist Corporates for Visitor and Employee management.
Smart Front Desk is an unstaffed, or virtual, reception area with audio and/or video communications between the lobby and a remote receptionist or even the host.
A kiosk coupled with a visitor management software to automatically read the visitor’s QR Code compare it to a pre-authorization list, auto-dial the host for meeting confirmation or email intimation, and provide control access to selected areas.
It also guides the employees about does and don’t in the corporates, screening of the employee’s health, etc.

Prisma’s Solution for Opening Elevator Without Contact

Due to increase in Spread of Corona virus Prisma has come up the technology through which elevators can be accessed without any Touch/contact.
An application which you can download on any of your Mobile Platform devices and can select the floor to reach your destination.
Specialized in Artificial Intelligence Prisma has come up with a voice application with which you can access the Elevators and can reach easily to your destination floor without any touch.
This technology can be used in all kinds of elevator (Corporate building, Residential building, Public elevator like railways etc.)

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